JOURNAL OF ETHNIC DIVERSITY AND LOCAL WISDOM 2021-07-01T00:30:38+00:00 Dr. Hamidah Rahman, M.Si, Apt Open Journal Systems <p style="text-align: justify;">Journal of Ethnic Diversity and Local Wisdom memuat laporan hasil penelitian maupun sebuah tinjauan tentang pandangan hidup, strategi aktivitas kehidupan, ilmu pengetahuan, bahasa, tarian, musik daerah, adat istiadat pada suatu masyarakat lokal dan suku bangsa. Cakupan tulisan tidak terbatas pada sistem nilai dan tata cara serta nilai ajaran tradisional pada pengelolaan kesehatan, pendidikan, lingkungan hidup, ekonomi, karya seni, arsitektur dan bangunan serta cagar budaya yang dilakukan oleh masyarakat lokal dan etnis tertentu.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Jurnal ini membantu pembaca untuk mengembangkan pengetahuan dan mempromosikan pemahaman keanekaragaman etnis, adat istiadat, budaya dan tradisi lokal masyarakat dan etnis.</p> TAWAF DAN SIGOFI GAM POTRET KEARIFAN BUDAYA LOKAL KESULTANAN TERNATE BERDAMAI DENGAN COVID-19 2021-06-23T07:00:07+00:00 Ali Lating Sarni Artha Fathnun Tan <p>North Maluku has a local culture that is rich with wisdom and&nbsp;intelligence. Local culture not only regulates governance, but is also<br>related to natural resource management, the environment and conflict&nbsp;management. The value of wisdom contained in the culture has a number<br>of meanings, especially those related to the safety and sustainability of&nbsp;its citizens. This paper tries to explain how local culture has wisdom,<br>especially in preventing covid-19 in a number of areas of the Ternate&nbsp;Sultanate. A number of philosophical meanings that accompany the<br>ritual of tawaf and sigofi gam confirm a number of lessons such as the&nbsp;importance of maintaining the sustainability of local culture, safety of<br>citizens, collaboration and collectivity between stakeholders to the&nbsp;importance of compliance in managing community life. Only by<br>preserving the local culture can the harmony and harmony of life&nbsp;between God and nature and respect for ancestors be realized</p> 2021-06-01T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## KONFLIK SOSIAL BERBASIS COVID-19 DALAM PERSPEKTIF TEORI SOSIAL SOCIAL CONFLICT BASED ON COVID-19 IN SOCIAL THEORY PERSPECTIVE 2021-06-23T07:08:10+00:00 Abubakar M Nur <p>The emergence of a phenomenon in the public space that has the&nbsp;&nbsp;potential for conflict, because there are those who act as faceless<br>movement actors who have networks or networks, which are used as&nbsp;sources of social action. An action is called a social action, because the<br>subjective meaning is associated with individuals who act and take into&nbsp;account the behavior of others. Humans are actors who try to combine<br>personal characteristics that are addressed to others. The purpose of this&nbsp;research is to find out and understand the background of Social Conflict<br>based on the Covid-19 Phenomenon, in the perspective of Social Action&nbsp;theory and Dramaturgy Theory. This study uses a qualitative approach.<br>Data was collected through tracking information from various social&nbsp;media, and related documents and literature studies relevant to this<br>research. This study shows that social conflicts are caused by&nbsp;misunderstandings, both the community and the government in<br>addressing the issue of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is broadcast&nbsp;through social media, as hoaxes or as social facts. The government's<br>inability to provide public comfort from the issue of the COVID-19&nbsp;pandemic, in the digital era. The government's thinking structure and<br>policies have been infected with the manifest interests of power.<br>Lockdown cannot be carried out because of the consequences for Covid- 19 exporting countries, not being able to freely enter certain areas in<br>Indonesia. There are certain actors who have succeeded in using the&nbsp;social media space to produce public panic. Massive panic occurs in the<br>community which has an impact on the emergence of weak mental&nbsp;illnesses that directly affect humans, so they are powerless to do<br>anything.</p> 2021-06-01T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENGARUH PEMBERITAAN AKSI BELA ISLAM TERHADAP KONSTRUKSI HIERARKI MEDIA BERITA SATU 2021-06-23T07:52:50+00:00 Nurul Zakiah Dian Ariyani Hi. Umar <p>The research problem formulation about the news contents of “islamic&nbsp;defense action” in Berita Satu, consist of the major question and the<br>minor question. The major question in this study is to know how the&nbsp;Islamic defense movement in the construction of the influence hierarchy<br>in Berita Satu is reported. Meanwhile, the minor questions are to know&nbsp;how far the influence level of individual worker in reporting the Islamic<br>defense movement in Berita Satu, the elements in the media routine that&nbsp;affect the news content of the Islamic defense movement in Berita Satu,<br>the influence of media organizations in the news content in Berita Satu,&nbsp;the ideology adopted by the television station of Berita Satu that affects<br>the content of the news. The main theory used in this study is the&nbsp;Hierarchy Theory of the Influence of Media Content by Pamela J.<br>Shoemaker and Stephen D. Reese. This theory states that the content of&nbsp;media coverage is influenced by five levels, namely individual level,<br>media routines level, organizational level, extra media level, and&nbsp;ideological level. The results of this study indicate that the media is not<br>only a means of information provider, but the media is also used as abusiness institution. As a result, the content of the news about the Islamic<br>defense movement in BeritaSatu has been influenced by various elements&nbsp;including the five elements in the Influence Hierarchy Theory of Media<br>Contents. The elements that have a significant influence on the content of&nbsp;the news are the elements of the organization or the influence of the<br>owner of Berita Satu, namely Lippo Group, and the ideology of Berita&nbsp;Satu is Pancasila. In conclusion, Berita Satu constructs the contents of<br>the news about Islamic defense movement by building multilevel&nbsp;influences starting from the level of individual workers, media routines,<br>organizations, media extras such as news sources, advertisers, and the&nbsp;government, as well as applying the ideology adopted into the news.</p> 2021-06-23T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## KEMITRAAN BIDAN DAN DUKUN DALAM PERTOLONGAN PERSALINAN (Studi Di Puskesmas Galala Kota Tidore Kepulauan) 2021-07-01T00:26:11+00:00 Norma Jafar Suryani Kader <p>The purpose of this study was to determine the partnership between&nbsp;midwives and traditional birth attendants in childbirth assistance. This<br>study was conducted in the working area of the Galala Health Center,&nbsp;Tidore Archipelago City. This study uses a qualitative method, with an<br>ethnomethodological approach. The data analysis technique used is the domain data analysis technique. The results of the study indicate that,<br>there are several partnership activities carried out by the Galala Health Center with the community for maternal services and overcoming infant<br>mortality. First, cross-program activities include the KIA Program, Health Promotion Program, Nutrition Program, and Immunization<br>Program. Second, cross-sectoral partnership activities include the North&nbsp;Oba District Government, the Polri and TNI in North Oba District,<br>Urban Village and Village Governments, Posyandu, and community and&nbsp;religious leaders. To maintain a good relationship between the midwife<br>and the traditional birth attendants, what is being done is to build communication and coordination. Posyandu is used as a formal<br>institution for the development and empowerment of traditional birth&nbsp;attendants.</p> 2021-06-01T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## KINERJA DINAS KEBERSIHAN DALAM PENGELOLAAN SAMPAH DI KECAMATAN SANANA KABUPATEN KEPULAUAN SULA 2021-07-01T00:30:38+00:00 Sukur Suleman Karmila Ansar <p>This study aims to understand, examine and describe the findings of&nbsp;researchers related to the performance of the Department of Cleanliness<br>in waste management in Sanana District, Sula Regency. This study uses&nbsp;a qualitative method with a descriptive approach. Data obtained through<br>observation, interviews and documentation. The results showed that the&nbsp;performance of the Sanitation Department in waste management was not<br>optimal, this could be seen from the Work Productivity, Service Quality,&nbsp;Responsiveness, and Responsibility which started from the cleaning staff,<br>the level of discipline, then the TPS and TPA to the level of&nbsp;empowerment of sola waste which was also minimal. carried out by the&nbsp;local government</p> 2021-06-01T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##