JOURNAL OF ETHNIC DIVERSITY AND LOCAL WISDOM <p style="text-align: justify;">Journal of Ethnic Diversity and Local Wisdom memuat laporan hasil penelitian maupun sebuah tinjauan tentang pandangan hidup, strategi aktivitas kehidupan, ilmu pengetahuan, bahasa, tarian, musik daerah, adat istiadat pada suatu masyarakat lokal dan suku bangsa. Cakupan tulisan tidak terbatas pada sistem nilai dan tata cara serta nilai ajaran tradisional pada pengelolaan kesehatan, pendidikan, lingkungan hidup, ekonomi, karya seni, arsitektur dan bangunan serta cagar budaya yang dilakukan oleh masyarakat lokal dan etnis tertentu.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Jurnal ini membantu pembaca untuk mengembangkan pengetahuan dan mempromosikan pemahaman keanekaragaman etnis, adat istiadat, budaya dan tradisi lokal masyarakat dan etnis.</p> LEMBAGA PENELITIAN PUBLIKASI DAN PENGABDIAN KEPADA MASYARAKAT UNIVERSITAS MUHAMMADIYAH MALUKU UTARA en-US JOURNAL OF ETHNIC DIVERSITY AND LOCAL WISDOM 2686-4762 <div style="text-align: justify;"> <p><strong><em><strong><em>Lisensi Creative Commons</em></strong></em></strong></p> <p><a title="Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0" href="" target="_blank"><img src="/public/site/images/hamida/by-sa3.png" alt="" width="100" height="35"></a></p> <p>Journal of Ethnic Diversity and Local Wisdom&nbsp;dilisensikan dengan&nbsp;Lisensi Internasional Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0.</p> </div> FENOMENA MASIBIRI (KAWIN LARI) STUDI DI DESA BOBANEHENA KABUPATEN HALMAHERA BARAT <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>The eloping (masibiri) phenomenon often occurs in the Bobanehena community. Masibiri is escaping girl (future wife) from supervision her guardian as well as used as the first procession of her marriage. The method used in this study is descriptive qualitative. While the data collected in primary and secondary data. Data obtained from interviews, observation, and documentation. The results showed that the number of teenage masibiri marriages of Bobanehena Village from 2005-2017 was 27 people. The masibiriprocess carried out in four ways, such as; visiting jomodim (Mosque caretaker), the host reports to the village head, holds a meeting and reports to parents. The impact ofmasibiri is difficulties in the economy, the relationship not harmonious with both parents and the risk of litigation.</em></p> Rahmat Abd Fatah Irma Kasim ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-09-01 2019-09-01 1 1 1 15 PERBANDINGAN MORFOLOGI BAHASA TERNATE DAN BAHASA INDONESIA (ANALISIS KONTRASTIF) <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>This study aims to compare the affixation process of Ternate language forming with Indonesian. Affixes described along with affixation process forming. The method used in this study is descriptive. Data sources are Ternate language textbooks by the Regional Language Center of Ternate and Indonesian Language books. The all derived verbs in Ternate and Indonesian language books. Data collection with reading and note-taking techniques. The results showed that the affixes form derived verbs consist of prefixes, suffixes, and confixes. Prefixes in Ternate are ma and maku which are compatible with the Indonesian prefixes me and berand form active verbs. The suffix si in Ternate corresponds to the suffix kanin Indonesian and forms the active derivative verb. The Ternate language confix masi and fosi in line with Indonesian me-kanis a form of active derivative verbs. Simaku confix in Ternate matches the confession of memper-kan in Indonesian and is an active derivative of verbs.</em></p> Muhammad Ahmad ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-09-01 2019-09-01 1 1 16 31 PARTISIPASI MASYARAKAT DAN PENGINTEGRASIAN KEARIFAN LOKAL DALAM PENGELOLAAN PENDIDIKAN SEBAGAI BENTUK PELAKSANAAN DESENTRALISASI PENDIDIKAN <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Education decentralization is the demand for education delivery change of government affairs that cannot avoid. This decentralization provides an opportunity for the actively involvedcommunity in education management. This study discusses community participation in education management and local wisdom integration in decentralization implementation of education. Communityinv olvementcan strengthen the national education system. Besides, increasing the curriculum structure by incorporating positive live local wisdom values and develop in each regional community can provide more outputs value of national education. The values have integrated with people's lives will be easily practiced by students in their daily lives. With this habit, it will become the culture in social life finally answer the nation's moral problems.</em></p> Karlina Kader Abdurrahman Kader ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-09-01 2019-09-01 1 1 32 40 MENGEMBANGAN KEARIFAN LOKAL MASYARAKAT MAITARA SEBAGAI OBJEK WISATA UNGGULAN KOTA TIDORE KEPULAUAN <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>This study focused on describing and analyzing the local wisdom tourism&nbsp;</em><em>potential of Maitara people and developed as a leading tourismobject.&nbsp;</em><em>This study uses a qualitative descriptive approach using an interactive&nbsp;</em><em>model data analysis technique. The results showed that the Maitara&nbsp;</em><em>people are still inherited and maintained some local wisdom has the&nbsp;</em><em>potential to become a tourismobject, such as making wooden boats,&nbsp;</em><em>Cakalangsmoked fish, breadfruit crepe obstructions, Ito Oti se Hadola Oti&nbsp;</em><em>and Salai Jin rituals. Therefore, the local government, village government,&nbsp;</em><em>and Maitara people have been made various efforts to develop their local&nbsp;</em><em>wisdom to sustainable and leading tourism object. Meanwhile, the efforts&nbsp;</em><em>made were Maitara festival event, art studio, and village company&nbsp;</em><em>(BUMDes) establish and develop.</em></p> Abdurrahman Kader ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-09-01 2019-09-01 1 1 41 53 BURUNG JUNAI MAS (CALOEANAS NICOBARICA) SUMBER DAYA ALAM LOKAL DI HALMAHERA TENGAH <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Jiew Island is a small island located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean on&nbsp;</em><em>the east side of Halmahera Island. The island is bordered directly by the&nbsp;</em><em>Republic of Palau and administratively is in the administrative area of&nbsp;</em><em>Central Halmahera Regency. In addition to the outer islands, Jiew&nbsp;</em><em>Island bio-ecologically has unique natural resources both flora and&nbsp;</em><em>fauna. In addition to the flora and fauna on this island there are also&nbsp;</em><em>various types of marine life that until now have not been identified both&nbsp;</em><em>types and numbers. The purpose of this study is to examine the presence&nbsp;</em><em>of the Junai Mas or by its scientific name Caloenas nicobarica as one of&nbsp;</em><em>the local natural resources of the community through the initial study of&nbsp;</em><em>the characteristics of Junai Mas on the island of Jiew. The anatomy of&nbsp;</em><em>this bird is of medium size, with a length of about 34 cm, from one of the&nbsp;</em><em>genus Caligeas dove, has grayish black feathers coated with golden&nbsp;</em><em>green, shiny on the neck, coat, back and wings. Elongated neck and wing&nbsp;</em><em>feathers. The beak is black with a slight bump on the base. Adult birds&nbsp;</em><em>have short white tails, gray legs with yellow claws. Blackish-colored&nbsp;</em><em>young birds with short neck feathers and brownish legs.</em></p> Kamil Jumat ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-09-01 2019-09-01 1 1 54 59